H. Cap: $4.5 M
M. Cap: $3.0 M
S. Cap: $1.5 M

Earn dividends from gold mining every 3 months with smart contracts

Keep your Cryptocurrency investment in our gold mine via the use of GEA tokens

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  • 77.35443
  • 1,501,239

Countdown until end of ICO - Phase 4

Current minimum investment amount of 1 ETH

Project Intro

Invest Early and Get More Profit

Result 1 = $4,500,000 ICO raised funds*
Gold Mine Capacity 450 tons ore per hour
Result 2 = $3,000,000 ICO raised funds*
Gold Mine Capacity 150 tons ore per hour
Result 3 = $1,500,000 ICO raised funds*
Gold Mine Capacity 75 tons ore per hour

* The estimated results

How Goldea Works

We are available to answer your questions

Why Use Tokens?


Anyone around the globe can become a GEA Token holder with the possibility to make small and large investments.


Fixed and unbreakable Terms and Conditions for the lifetime of your Blockchain investment


Blockchain-based ownership of GEA tokens guarantees complete privacy


Profit from the gold mine is distributed automatically to GEA token holders in accordance with the Smart Contract protocol


Our Tokenized production creates a decentralized automated investment tool without intermediaries, time loss or fees


The power of crowd-voting facilitates the development of project decisions and establishes the concept of "shared risk"



2015 - 2017

Resource exploration

Team building

Independent analyses

Identification of Key Contractors


Q2 2017

Blockchain identified as means of exchange

Development of White Paper

ICO Consultation



September 2017


Pre-ICO Crowdfunding

Marketing campaign



October 2017


Development of Smart Contracts




November 2017


Establishment of Legal Jurisdiction




December 2017

ICO crowdfunding

Token distribution

Token buy-back from Early Investors


Q1 2018

Infrastructure works begin

Gold Plant construction


Q2 - Q3 2018


Listing of Tokens on Crypto Exchange

Extraction of Gold


Q4 2018

Token Buyback from the market


Q1 2019

Development of new exploitation block


Q3 2019

New block final preparation works


Q1 2020

Expansion of exploitation capacities

Project Plan

GEA $12
GEA $15
GEA $18
GEA $21
ICO Round 1
Gold Mine Plant Ordering
ICO Round 2
Gold Property Preparation
ICO Round 3
Camp Construction
ICO Round 4
Heavy Duty machinery
Infrastructure Setup
Gold Mine Plant Finalization

ICO Details

Symbol GEA (Goldea)
Total issue 3,000,000 tokens
ICO duration Pre-ICO: September – October, 2017
ICO: December – March, 2017/18
Token value $6 per 1 GEA token on Pre-ICO
$12-21 per 1 GEA during ICO
GEA Token Equivalence 1 GEA token represents a share in the profit from the gold sold after production
Regulations Any unallocated tokens will be cancelled via the smart contract and new tokens will not be issued
Token access All tokens issued and sold can be stored in the investor’s account on the ICO website or sent to wallet of investor upon the end of ICO. GEA token with ERC20 standard is possible to access through Ethereum wallet
Token trading Owners will be able to trade GEA Tokens on the crypto-currency market one month after end of ICO

ICO Structure



77% ICO

20% Team

  2% Bounty

  1% Pre-ICO




80% Gold Plant

15% Team Budget

  5% Expenses

World Gold Production

Global gold mining growth since 1900

Global Gold production is constantly increasing

Over the past 120 years, the volume of gold mined in the world has been growing. At the same time, in 2017 the capitalization of crypto-currencies has increased several fold. The GOLDEA project unifies these two growing markets and enables everyone to get involved in gold mining investment.

The GEA token is a unique combination of “digital gold” and real gold, an asset known for its intrinsic reliability for centuries.

Crypto-currencies Capitalization Growth since January 2017


Worked together for several years and is consisted of mining, geology,
engineering, logistic, finance and blockchain experts

Draško Jocić

Founder and CEO

Collaborating with international developers in West Africa for the last 5 years

Has developed two small scale gold mines with aggregate capacity of 150 tons per hour

Fluent in 4 languages

Ing. Vital Dittrich

Mine Engineer

Has launched 45 mines worldwide with an annual revenue of over $500 M

Senior Engineer at Tier 1 Gold Mining Companies Alrosa Russia, Anglo Gold Ghana, etc.

Utilizes low-cost, modular and environmentally friendly mining technology

Nadiorou Dabo

Country Manager

Logistic contractor of the largest gold mine in Mali – Randgold

13 years of active presence in the construction business in West Africa

Over 20 mining projects successfully realized for foreign companies

Anthony Ashley

Chief of Mining Operations

15+ years of active work in Africa for international companies

Has executed expansion of mining operations for 3 gold mines with an aggregate value of 1,200 tones per hour

Ex-COO of Mineral Invest International

Alexandr Grebennikov

Financial Analyst

20 years of experience in business planning at Gazprom, RZD and MTS

Maksim Haritonov

CEO of Haritonov Capital

Principal Investor

Strategic Development Adviser

Pierre Polikarpov

Executive Partner

Dmitry Lukin

Head of Marketing

Has gained an online audience of over 1 million over a 2 month period

Dmitry Tarabrin

Legal Analyst

9 years in the Financial Law sector. MTS Bank, Mosvodokanalbank, SDM-Bank

Liza Uvarova

Event Manager

Svetlana Litvinova

Art Director


Law & Trust International company

Law&Trust Law & Trust International works in all areas of law in international markets and offers a wide range of services in support of ICO projects

Smart Contract (DApps)

Experienced team of developers






Thomas Goslee

Charity & Blockchain

Member of Swiss Bitcoin Association

Blockchain innovator and enthusiast

UAE and Dubai entrepreneur Academy

Artur Lipatov


Head of Block Laboratory Technology,, involved in more than 20 ICO projects worldwide

Co-founder of project

Partner of the and projects

Founder of the Telegram channels: @ethereum24, @btc_chanell, @ico_pre

Dr. Sergey Belov


Geologist, doctor of geological and mineral sciences, academic RAEN

40 years of international experience in the fields of projection, prospecting and evaluation of ores

Several years of active work in Africa with focus on gold

General director and vice-president of major international organizations

Author of more than 230 publications

Professor of Moscow State University

Awarded with a State Medal from the Russian Federation entitled "300 years of geological work in Russia"

Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

Ismail Malik

ICO Strategist

Chairman of Blockchain Lab in London, UK

Specialist in crypto development projects

Editor and Head of ICO Crowd, the first publication for the ICO industry



As Seen

News and Activities

December 7

GOLDEA a Top-10 ICO in Hong Kong

Goldea's CEO and Founder Draško Jocić was present 7th December at CryptoBazar 2017 in Hong Kong, a leading platform for raising capital via blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a top 10 ICO to watch in 2018 Goldea's high-yield, low-risk potential impressed a number of the VIP guests in attendance and promises further investment opportunities in the future!
November 27

GOLDEA Company Registration in Ajman, UAE

In accordance with our plans for November 2017, GOLDEA has now gained registration as a company within the jurisdiction of the Ajman Free Zone, United Arab Emirates on the 27th of November 2017. GOLDEA has been incorporated as a "Free Zone Company" under the name GEA Technology – F.Z.C.
November 22

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 Dubai, UAE

From 22nd to 23rd of November 2017 CEO of GOLDEA Draško Jocić and CEO of Haritonov Capital Maksim Haritonov presented their project at the GCC Blockchain Conference in Dusit Thani, Dubai. With Dubai’s vision to become the world’s 1st Blockchain Powered Government by 2020 GOLDEA is set to become a key player in the crypto-currency market
October 12

CEO of the GOLDEA project Draško Jocić presented the project at the mining forum MINEX RUSSIA 2017 on October 10-12 in Moscow

GOLDEA highlighted by Ernst and Young’s Boris Yatsenko as the first ICO mining project
September 20

Moscow. Conference "ICO event Moscow 2017"

The founder of the GOLDEA project - Draško Jocić - and its main investor - Maxim Kharitonov - HARITONOV CAPITAL reached an agreement on cooperation with the co-founder of the GOLDMINT project - Evgeny Volfman
September 18

Conference "ICO and pre ICO. Experience from real projects: mistakes, secrets, advice"

The presentation of ICO projects. The GOLDEA project scored the highest number of votes among 15 projects at the ICO stage and pre-ICO by results of anonymous voting among delegates


What Gold Mining Technology do we use?
We employ 100% environmentally friendly mobile enrichment plants with the capacity to expand
Do you have a Gold Mining license?
Yes, we have full legal authorization from the Government of the Republic of Mali to excavate gold
Where will you sell the gold once it has been excavated?
To Swiss gold buyer located in Mali
What is the value of a GEA token?
The value is dependent on the amount of gold produced. The value of the token reflects the growth of gold output over time
How will I benefit from holding GEA tokens?
From the start of production each holder receives quarterly dividends from the sale of gold and can convert tokens for company’s share
Will GEA tokens be listed on Cryptoexchange?
Yes, one month after ICO
When does the gold production starts?
8 months after completion of fundraising

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